Special Exhibitions 2019-20

“Benches of the Brazilian Indigenous Peoples”

Benches made from single pieces of wood by the indigenous people of the Amazon and Xingu River Basins in northern Brazil are uniquely carved into the shapes of animals. They are expressions of the identities of the native people, and benches of even more diverse and free expression continue to be produced today. In this exhibition, we’ll introduce you to about 90 benches, produced by indigenous people and owned by a Brazilian publishing company, and explore the rich imagination of humankind made manifest in their shapes, created from unique sensibility.
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April 6th (Saturday) – May 19th (Sunday)

Adults: 1,100 yen
High school and university students: 880 yen

“May I Start? – Hirofumi Kera’s Cross-Border Hair & Makeup”

Eye-catching hair and makeup artist Hirofumi Kera (born 1971) is active at the forefront of his industry, having worked as the chief hair stylist for domestic and overseas fashion shows, including Paris Fashion Week, and provided hair and makeup for many magazines and advertisements. In recent years, he has been expanding his work in innovating the concepts of hair and makeup, through collaboration with artists of other genres such as contemporary art. In addition to new work specifically for this exhibition, we’ll explore the possibilities of hair and makeup as we discover the full picture of Kera’s creations.

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July 6th (Saturday) – September 1st (Sunday)

Adults: 1,100 yen
High school and university students: 880 yen

“DECODE / Events & Materials
The Work of Art in the Age of Post-Industrial Society”

We’ll examine the state of art from the late 1960s through the 1970s, from its relationship with documentary photographs and documents. The exhibition is planned to be comprised of three parts: valuable materials from Nobuo Sekine, a leading artist of Mono-ha, a group of artists that has earned high praise internationally in recent years; progress reports on Mono-ha archive research; and an actual exhibition for reconsidering the state of art in this era from a broader perspective than simply calling it “post-industrial art”.

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September 14th (Saturday) – November 4th (Monday, public holiday)

Adults: 1,100 yen
High school and university students: 880 yen

“The New York Art Scene – From Rothko & Warhol to Yayoi Kusama & Basquiat With a Focus on the Museum of Modern Art, Shiga Collection”

New York has drawn attention for its successive creation of innovative expression in post-World War II art. Exciting movements which unfolded there, such as abstract expressionism, Neo-Dada, pop art and minimal art, led the world in contemporary art, with Japanese artists also among them. Centering on one of Japan’s best collections of American contemporary art, owned by the Museum of Modern Art, Shiga, we’ll provide an overview of the triumphs of American art.

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November 14th (Wednesday, Prefectural Citizen’s Day) – January 19th, 2020

Adults: 1,200 yen
High school and university students: 960 yen

“Tsunetomo Morita Exhibition”

Tsunetomo Morita (1881-1933), a painter from Kumagaya, Saitama, began with studying Western painting, studied abroad in Europe, and produced work that was heavily influenced by Cézanne. After returning home, however, he felt uneasy painting Japanese scenery with oils, and began to express serene Japanese paintings which captured nature familiar to him. We’ll follow Tsunetomo’s path—earnestly fixing his eyes on the subjects he painted with consistency, as he tried out a variety of techniques and methods of expression—with an abundance of materials centering on his major work in Western and Japanese painting.

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February 1st (Saturday) – March 22nd (Sunday)

Adults: 1,100 yen
High school and university students: 880 yen

MOMAS Collection 2019-20

1st Term: April 20th (Saturday) – July 21st (Sunday)

“Selection: From Eugène Delacroix to Neo-Impressionism”

“From Landscape to Scenery”
Follow the transitions between the expressions of landscape in Japanese art, with a focus on modern Japanese paintings.

“The Shape of Nature: A Focus on the Work of Mitsuo Masuda”

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2nd Term: July 27th (Saturday) – October 20th (Sunday)

“Selection: Monet, Picasso & More”

“Duplication & Layering: The Many Aspects of Printmaking”


In commemoration of 100 years since the founding of Bauhaus, a comprehensive art school established in Weimar, Germany, we’ll introduce you to its activities through the work of related artists.

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3rd Term: October 26th (Saturday) – February 2nd, 2020 (Sunday)

“Selection: Denis, Foujita & More”

“China in Modern Japanese Painting”

“Shadow in Sway”
Introducing pieces on a theme of light and shadow, trees, gardens and more, with a focus on Miho Akioka’s Shadow in Sway.

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4th Term: February 8th (Saturday) – April 19th (Sunday)

“Selection: Chagall, Yuzo Saeki, & More”

“Supporters’ Choice!”

Museum supporters who work as guides and volunteers at the MOMAS Collection choose their favorite pieces from the collection, and create an exhibition along with the curator.

“Shunyo-Kai at Its Launch”

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