Special Exhibitions 2017-18

“The Botanical Illustrations of Kawahara Keiga: From the Collection of the Russian Academy of Sciences Library”

During the late Edo period, painter Kawahara Keiga (1786-1860?), who was permitted to work in Dejima, Nagasaki, studied Western painting techniques at the request of the physician of Dejima Philipp Franz von Siebold, who was also a physician and botanist. Kawahara created many botanical paintings that meticulously depicted the appearances of flora. This exhibition traces his vision, centered on his botanical illustrations that Siebold brought back to Europe and which are currently in the collection of the Russian Academy of Sciences Library, while also introducing his works and references in collections in Japan.

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Sat., April 8 – Sun., May 21

Adults: 1,000 yen
High school and university students: 800 yen

“Endo Toshikatsu - The Archeology of the Sacred”

Endo Toshikatsu (1950- ) is Japan’s leading sculptor, actively involved in the international artistic arena, participating in such venues as the Venice Biennale and Documenta. Highly recognized both in Japan and abroad, his works allow viewers to perceive a broad scale of ideologies via his keen approach of the roots of art, using materials such as fire, water, earth and wood. This exhibition examines Endo’s current ideas and works, including his newest works.

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Sat., July 15 – Thu., August 31

Adults: 1,100 yen
High school and university students: 880 yen

“Komai Tetsuro: Flâneur on the Dream”

Komai Tetsuro (1920-1976) is one of post-war Japan’s leading copperplate print artists. His artistic style that conveys a serene, poetic sentiment has continued to captivate viewers up until today. In our collection are approximately a hundred of Komai’s works, ranging from his earliest to his late-period works. This exhibition unravels his creative activities from various perspectives, centered on the works in our collection, while also focusing on his collaborative works with poets.

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Tue., September 12 - Mon., October 9

Adults: 1,000 yen
High school and university students: 800 yen

“The 35th Anniversary Exhibition: Diego Rivera and His Contemporaries”

Diego Rivera (1886-1957) was Mexico’s leading painter. In the post-Mexican Revolution period of the 1920s, he became internationally known for his dedication in the Mexican Mural Movement that aimed to convey its ideas to the masses. In contrast, he also created exquisite portraits and genre paintings. This exhibition explores the appeal of modern Mexican art through a careful selection of Rivera’s paintings, while also introducing other painters from that same period.

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Sat., October 21 - Sun., December 10

Adults: 1,200 yen
High school and university students: 960 yen

“A View of Prints: The Trajectory of the Gendai Hanga Center”

The Gendai Hanga Center (lit. contemporary print center), whose purpose was to popularize prints and encourage collectors, sent out around eighty artists and over 700 works into the world from 1974 to 1985. Its publication activities, such as the “Gendai Hanga Center News” for which many artists and critics contributed articles, also reveal the heated atmosphere toward prints during that period. This exhibition reviews the trajectory of the Center’s activities through related works and references.

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Tue., January 16 - Sun., March 25

Adults: 1,000 yen
High school and university students: 800 yen

MOMAS Collection 2017-18

The First Period: from Sat., April 22 to Sun., July 16

“Selections: Monet, Rouault, and Others”

“Saito Toyosaku’s Paintings: Weaving Colors, Composing Light”

“Inten (Japan Art Institute) Artists”

“Tatehata Akira & MOMAS Collection”

Ultimate selections from the Collection by the Director Tatehata Akira, who is also active as a poet/art critic.

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The Second Period: from Sat., July 22 to Sun., October 1

“Selections: Chagall, Tanaka Yasushi, and Others”

“Endo Toshikatsu: The Logic of Sacrifice”

This section examines the firing process that is essential to Endo Toshikatsu’s works through the logic of sacrifice. Held in conjunction with the Special Exhibition by the artist.

“Negishi, Tokyo and the Disciples of the Painter Asai Chu”

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The Third Period: from Sat., October 7 to Sun., December 24

“Selections: Pissarro, Kishida Ryusei, and Others”

“Depicted World of Children”

“Nihonga Paintings of Meiji and Taisho Periods—Centered on Emori Tenju’s Paintings”

“Modern Urawa—The Culture-scape”

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The Fourth Period: from Sat., January 6 to Sun., April 15

“Selections: Renoir, Picasso, and Others”

“Dialogue — People meets Art”

This section introduces the phenomena where viewers encounter art, through focusing on the questions and talks that arise between viewers and artworks.

“Small-Scale Special Feature: Komura Settai”

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Artist Project #2.0

“Artist Project #2.02 Kitano Ken: Gathering Light”

For his “Gathering Light Project,” Kitano Ken installed a camera in various locations. From the winter solstice to the summer solstice, he photographed scenes with a long exposure time, aiming to capture the traces of sunlight that shifted with the rotation of the earth, together with the horizon. A camera was also installed on the roof of the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama for half a year from the winter solstice of 2015.

Sat., Oct 7 to Sun., December 10

1st Fl. Gallery (admission free)

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